"It has been my pleasure and privilege to play Andranik Gaybaryan’s violin over the past year. This instrument’s beautiful sound helped me with performances on many concert stages as well as high resolution recordings and always drew praise from those hearing it. Its quality of sound has been remarkably consistent. I am always confident it will project a clear, rich tone whether in the coldest winter evening in a small chamber music venue or on a sweltering summer day in front of a symphony orchestra.
As one who is used to playing violins that are hundreds of years old I loved discovering a brand new master’s instrument. I am honored and happy to recommend Andranik’s work both to players and other violin lovers."

Gil Shaham, December 2018

"My compliments to Andranik Gaybaryan! He makes violins with a soul. Fellow violinists will know the feeling of taking a great instrument in hand and being intrigued by the the different layers of sound it has to offer. Putting a 'Gaybaryan' in the hands of a violinist is a recipe for joy."

"Andranik Gaybaryan's violin (2014) gives me the flexibility I seek as a new music player, and the warmth I want as a classical player. I look forward to a long companionship with this quality instrument."

Diamanda Dramm, January, 2017

"My Gaybaryan violin is a treasure. Every single one of his violins that I tried was amazing,each one with slightly different characteristics. Ennobled sound, rich dimensions, imbued with all the subtlety of one of the grandmasters of violin making such as Stradivari or Guarneri del Jesu. My violin is clear as a bell. It is the easiest violin to play I have ever tried. It teaches you. I will likely never perform on any other makers violins again."

Victor Romanul, October, 2016

"Dear Mr. Gaybaryan! Thank you for showing me your exceptional instruments! You achieved beautiful sound and most artistic execution in your violins! It is my pleasure to recommend your instruments most highly! Sincerely,"

Roman Totenberg, January, 2009

"These instruments are simply the best sounding modern violins that ever came to my ear. In my opinion Andranik Gaybaryan is a genius maker!"

Vera Beths, Amsterdam, March 2009

"Mr. Gaybaryan's violins are powerful and easy to play. But what about this condensed, versatile, attractive, yes, fascinating tone? Why play a second hand Italian instrument instead?"

Anner Bylsma, Amsterdam, March 2009

"I was quite impressed with sound qualities and superb craftsmanship of Andranik Gaybaryan's violins. He is a very talented maker."

Vadim Repin, February, 2008

"Violins built by Andranik Gaybaryan are very, very good. But when you perform on them, the magic really begins, The sound just comes pouring out! This is a wonderful experience, for both the player and the audience.

Peter Brunt, violinist from The Netherlands,
proud owner of two Gaybaryan violins.
Professor, Royal Conservatory of The Hague
and Amsterdam Conservatory", April, 2009

Click here to listen to Peter Brunt of the Stolz Quartet playing Gaybaryan Violin.

"I have had pleasure of trying one of the violins made by Mr. Andranik Gaybaryan. I was highly impressed by the sweet and warm sound of the instrument and by the pure quality and richness of the tone, which is very rare to find in new and old instruments. I would certainly recommend all violinists to make the experience, since I believe that violins by Andranik Gaybaryan will have a big future."

Lisa Batiashvili, Violinist, March, 2009

"I have had the opportunity of playing on the violins and violas of Andranik Gaybaryan, and I find them to be full, deep, even in tonal quality, and of a fine workmanship."

"The cello sounds very good .... thanks! I finally found an instrument that has a wonderfully rich sound combined with the ease of playing and quick response. My Gaybaryan cello has changed my playing!"

Nanette Koch, cellist

"Andranik Gaybaryan's fine viola was a real pleasure to play - rich, resonant, responsive and remarkably even."

Roger Tapping, former member of Takács Quartet

"Violin of Andranik Gaybaryan has excellent sound quality, of a good craftsmanship, and with precise articulation. But what is the most important - it has big, even sound in all registers."

Zakhar Bron,
Professor, Hochschule
(Cologne University of Music),
Cologne, Germany

"Andranik .... is a genuine wizard when it comes to violin making and setup. He knows how to get the sound, one of a rare few who have that gift."

"I'm very happy to play a violin from Andranik. His modern instruments have a very colourfull tone and you feel free too make your most beautifull sound. The instrument is working for you, it feels sometimes that you only have to think about a sound, and then it's there already! In big halls, the violin projects and while playing chambermusic it's not too loud, so you will have one that works for you all the time."

Anoek Brokaar, Violinist, Artonis Pianotrio, Amsterdam, 2011